He will come like a Thief in the Night

He will come like a Thief in the Night 

1Th 5:2 for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.

Frank Paul Gambino was named Frank Paul Jones at birth and was born a mulatto in 1959 in Queens, New York, his mother’s name was Blond Eva Austin Jones, his step-father was Frank Clark Jones and his biological father was the infamous Carlo Gambino the head of the Gambino Crime Family. They are all gone now. He was raised in the Queensbridge Projects in Long Island City, Queens, New York, which as a very tough neighborhood that had Mafia influence.Paul was worth about $20 million dollars by time he was 16 years old off the books, at which time his father was supposed to make a settlement with him. But Paul has a powerful mental gift which is beyond the scope of the summary and as a result his parents made a pact with the United States Government and his life change forever. He was to serve the Government in many different capacities to include three tours in the United States Army while being involved with covert operations as well as Civilian Government Intelligence. He claims that AIDS is a biological weapon developed in a Government laboratory in Germany and he was used to help create the biological weapon and that it was cured in 1989.

Paul was often put under hypnosis and would do things he did not remember the next day, the persons that put him under hypnosis was called a KEY, and under hypnosis he has the ability do things far beyond his abilities while not under hypnosis.Frank Paul Gambino is the real Paul Castellano and Big Paul Castellano was a fraud who tried to steal Frank Paul Gambino’s AKA Paul Castellano inheritance and that is the real reason he was whacked. After Big Paul was killed John Gotti became the acting boss and handled the day to day operations while Frank Paul Gambino was the think tank and operated under the radar.

In 1991 Paul was arrested for threatening the President of the United States President George H.W. Bush at the White House, the threat was not meant to be a warning that he would attempt to kill the president, but was a tactic to get arrested to have a conference with the White House in person. They had their conversations and Paul was sent to Saint Elizabeth Hospital for two weeks and was told that no judge would sign an order to force him to stay longer then the maximum two weeks and he was diagnoses as having a bipolar disorder. He went to the White House to discuss problems he was having with a famous celebrity Janet Jackson who he was later that month arrested again for threatening to kill her live-boyfriend as it is stated on the court legal documents, he argued that Janet was his wife and was being unfaithful to him. He ended up doing 20 months in Federal Prison for threatening to kill Rene Elizondo via letters delivered by the postal service.

After 30 years plus of operating as a ghost so to speak, Paul is becoming known through the power of the Internet by blogging his stories to the public.  He claims these stories are true and he is working on an autobiography at this time and is in negotiations with the government with the purpose doing what Michael Corleone in the movie the Godfather could not accomplish, which it to make the not only the Gambino Family but the so-called Mafia as he puts it a legitimate conglomerate.Now you ask “what is the significance?” Are you stupid or are you really stupid? I know this because I am Frank Paul Gambino and can do this because I am the Light of the World!

Now am I significant? 

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