Learn from Atlanta & Touring

Learn from Atlanta & Touring


To: Janet

From: Paul

Date: 3 August 2008


They made me authority 2 and Comedy and Music Authority 1.  DARK JOKES! 


I am just waking up fully, I made up from all the rest I lost over the week.  During the week I get up really early and once I am up I usually stay up until relatively late that night, so by Friday I usually be tired, then on Saturday I was mixing most of the day, that is why I heard about the that Atlanta incident so late, by time I got the news it was old news.  Now they are headlining the news as a P. Diddy escape the shooting like if someone is out to get him.


I do not know if this is good publicity for Jermaine Dupri or P. Diddy they are supposed to be executives, because constantly talking about this will attract copycat killers and party poopers and next thing people will be shitting on the parade.  I know because at one time I use to go to parties as a youngster and people are attracted to what they are.  If the word gets out that it is this kind of party they will attract that type of person. I give damage control from one to ten about a two; because they did say nobody go hurt, earlier I heard a body guard got injured.


Learn from this one and start thinking about what you would do differently if this was the case at your concert.  Like I explained before you have to give tickets to people who will create a safe environment, like Diplomats, politicians and corporate leaders and you should create a section for them, like the $1,200 seating section, you sell some and give some away, regardless all of those seats have to be filled it is a matter of security, what you give away will be a write off anyway.  And do not wait until the last minute to fill those seats, important people have to plan in advance.


A good way to get compensated for these giveaways is to be committed to a cause and give part of the proceeds from the tour to a need like AIDS and those people who are important and get free $1,200 seats will donate to a cause and this is a double write off they will write off their donation and so will you.  Those luxury seats should be the first and not the last ones filled, it is a matter of security.  You can still have the liberal crowd, but you will create a safe environment for them to enjoy themselves in.  This is just my opinion!


Hopefully in the next two weeks or some things should start falling into place, you need to make a deal with the USO if you have not already and AAFES, plus you need to book places like Kansas City Kansas/St. Louis, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and Atlantic City there are a lot of big Cities that want you, I read a guy was very disappointed that Portland was left out again as he put it.   Learn about the demographics of the Cities of Venue like Portland is not very black and a lot of them do not eat meat and gear the advertisement towards the demographics.


Finally, I think your name is being dragged in the mud on this shootout, because every time Jermaine Dupri name pops up Janet Jackson pops up and you do not need this type of name association to a negative situation while you are trying to sell concert tickets.  I think Jermaine Dupri was nothing but bad publicity regardless if you are being compensation for name association the losses has to outweigh the gains.  This is just my opinion!


Love Paul


Frank Paul Gambino

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