Needs Normalization & Atlanta

Needs Normalization & Atlanta



To: Janet

From: Paul

Date: 2 August 2008


I will let it be a surprise as to my song selection for the other 14 songs, there are a few changes and a couple I loaded could not make the cut because the CD only holds 80 minutes.  I think somewhere in the show you should do something like that, if it does not wear you out.  This CD I made would be a fun CD to buy in the store, because it comes from almost all your albums, not everyone has all of your albums and I selected the best party songs out of them, it is a fun CD.


I do not know what happened in Atlanta last night, so I did not comment on it.  I am glad P. Diddy is alright, but I am certain non celebrities got hurt if thousand’s of people where there during gun fire. I guess they have to get there hustle on, throwing parties is a fast buck if you can attract people to come to it, it is like a small concert, plus you get to sell a bunch of drinks, but you cannot try to cheat people.  I do not know if the reason for the gun fire is what they say anyway I was not there.  The shit sounds so Ghetto!  I just realized the method to Jermaine Dupri and his madness. I underestimated him!


I had nothing to do with Universal Studios either, but these types of things happen for a reason.  I remember the song “Black Cat.” It did not make the cut, but Funny!  This is why I say security comes first at your shows and these parties should be handled in the same manner security first, I hope these fools do not learn the hard way, because they are not real gangsters.  The only people with guns should be your armed guards.


Part of the mix could use normalization but it is not necessary, I might play with it a little more.  My day is about up now.  My weekend is about over.  I will send your CD out on Monday morning on the way to work, I can listen to this all day; these are my favorite Janet songs, I like up tempo music and I feel a lot of your slow stuff are the blues, like cries for help.  SAD!  Most of your up tempo stuff is happy music even when it is a DISS!  “What have you done for me lately?”  Funny!  Nasty got cut, Ms. Jackson if you’re Nasty.  Funny!  Find a reason to laugh, I mean really laugh and leave the worrying to us.  You cannot fail you can only get your private life back!  DARK JOKES!


I have to check to see what is new.


I love you;



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