Damn Mockery

To: Janet

From: Paul

RE: Damn Mockery

Date: 4 August 2008


Like I said it is not what you do but how you do it, but darkness has a way of coming to the light.  You a married woman with a boyfriend while I beg for your love and respect, Alicia is running around with a married man, what kind of family is this called the Monsters?  I guess I am Herman!  I have to scare people away?  What do I do with Swizz Beatz and Jermaine Dupri; they are mice playing while the Black Cat is away.  When does the foolishness end?


What does someone have to get hurt before I am taking seriously?  If so, than so be it!  What happened at Atlanta were amateurs, because professionals usually get there target.  Personally I do not think there was a target, it was simply a disruption.  I am not going to entertain this anymore unless I am called to do so, but be forewarned that my heart is growing cold towards those I see as adversaries and I am coming to a short fuss.  I have to stay focused, but I have to voice that what I am now hearing is making me so unhappy.  Was the run too good to be true?  The subject is the tour; I have to start researching Alicia.  I guess the pregnant rumors are not true she is working through October but I am unhappy with her messing with a married man who leaves his wife with a one year old child, he is immature.  What I had to do was fulfill scripture and I had every intention to return and what I have to offer he does not and that is life.


Love Paul

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