Did I spoil the moment

To: Janet

From: Paul

RE: Did I spoil the moment

Date: 4 August 2008


I realize Alicia is grown and I was not there for her in her youth, but come on Janet what is this sitcom.  Meet the Gambino’s!  It is a mockery!  And then when funny shit starts to happen who will they blame?  Me?  My fucking agents got me making more money as if all they have is liquid capital and it is always next year or in 12 months, that shit is getting old and if I play hardball they will say I am wrong.


It sounds like I am upset right!  I am not upset at all, in fact I am clowning, if I was going to kill people they would probably be dead already, now as for my men I have no idea what they have planned for my adversaries, but if something bothers me even if I am not upset, I will voice it.  I do not care if Alicia gets her groove on, in fact I wish she would have some children, but by a married man come-on.


What worries me about this kid Swizz Beatz is he wants to leave a wife with a one year old child, if he (the child) is not his I can understand this other than that, it is an immature move.  Janet you think having a baby is easy.  I can bump you up like magic, but raising that child is a job, not just the time and effort in the child but the sacrifices you and I will have to make in our relationship.  I will always put you first, but you will put him or her first, this will be your nature in the bonding process.


So by nature at times I will get jealous of that little kid, because what was a lot of time will have to become quality time, I will have to make the best of the time you have for me.  And if a man leaves his wife because of this he is weak and immature and the only reason for such a move is not being prepared for it.  So when I say a baby is a man’s natural adversary I am being real.  The good thing about it is they grow up and the process of growing up is the fun part for a man because be it a boy for example, but even a girl they become fun to him and again it might come down to quality time, but more time as well if they are not brats.   You have to mold them to respect me and love you other wise I cannot discipline them and trust me as a mother you will need a man to discipline those children our they will become little monsters and we will be The Monsters in real life.


I have to stop at the post office, I drop my bill off at the post office it is a good habit.  I have nothing against Swizz Beatz and wish him the best.  P. Diddy and the rest I am happy they are alright Usher, Nelly and even Jermaine Dupri, I just do not like him competing against me for my wife.  The guy could find him someone else, I do not have that luxury, nor do I want it.  We are one for life and I hate to say it, but there are few things I will kill over nowadays and that is on the top of the list and behind that is my children and you all do not have to like it but you will live with it.  So be careful about your actions, because they can have consequences if misinterpreted. 


Love you always,



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