Mistakes, Mood Swing, Venting & Tours

To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: Mistakes, Mood Swing, Venting & Tours

Date: 4 August 2008

You won’t make nearly so many silly mistakes over the next 12 months as you did over the previous 12 months. But even when you do fall short of the standards you are aiming for you won’t be angry with yourself. That’s a sign of maturity.

There will be times this week when your confidence soars and times when it sinks so low it almost no longer exists, but now that you know you are prone to extremes you won’t be fooled by either delight or despair. Try to find a happy medium.

My mistake:

The only mistake I recall was made several years ago, when agreed to be broke, which restricts my movement and allows people to disrespect me on the fly.  My expectations of my agents were too high, I thought you all would look after my interest, but now I realized if I do not do it will not be done.  In a nutshell that was my mistake or is it yours?  Because slowly but surely my trust in your performance in my behalf is sinking to a level of distrust.

Mood swings

I may well not pay much attention to anything this week; I plan to study my music software and review them so when I get my package, I can go to work diligently.  There is not much more I can do for Janet but wait and watch for developments, the contract I have in mind for Alicia is simply Janet’s times two and I have other adult children to be concerned with she is simply is the one in the spotlight and was the one sent away.  I know I owe her more importantly than the rest.


Personally, I do not see my mistakes, you’ll are just a bunch of sorry mother fuckers, creating a monster that will not be tamed until there is killing field beyond repair, you can keep playing with me you have that choice and eventually  I will snap and all you will have to say is what is wrong with you Paul, but it will be too late because my decision to have sought revenge will have been decided and acted upon.

The Tour:


Janet needs to give part of her tour proceeds to AIDS research and fill in those luxury seats with important people and request that they donate, not for the seat, that will be her tax write off but because they care and it will all comeback to me anyway.  AIDS is no longer just a homosexual issue but a black issue and a third world issue like Africa and black woman issue, they say it is the third leading killer, with that and the support of the troops, will make her show not seem like a selfish drive for a quick profit, but have a philanthropic appeal to it, which is so important during economic hard times.  Se has to stand for something with universal appeal.

Frank Paul Gambino


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