Sorry Felt Unappreciated

To: Janet

From: Paul

RE: Sorry Felt Unappreciated

Date: 4 August 2008


I do not think I said anything out of order to you; it is my agents who are pissing me off, they are holding on to my shit like it belongs to them and keep talking about the future.  I am living in the now.  You cannot make me like Jermaine Dupri, I do not dislike him, but he made himself my adversary and we both have to live with that and live it out to the end.


Swizz Beatz, I never heard of until the rumors on 98.7, I am just really getting hip to Alicia I just know she was doing well.  I am starting to take an interest in her career.  I bought her first album when it came out.  But I am old school!  I feel like my agents are trying to push my buttons and want me to do something crazy.  I remember something my uncle told me, he told me to cry and they will take me serious.  So am I being taken seriously?


I have to get ready for work but I had to vent today, because I feel like they are full of shit.  Because they know I am restricted and very budget minded I will not act impulsive, even as I know if I go they cannot really stop me.  If you was offended my bad!  But I did say anything new, you should be an example for Alicia, this is a true statement.  I will send out your CD and will study my software this afternoon.


12 months from now, I am tired of hearing that bullshit, 12 months from now someone might have been killed 9 months ago.


Love Paul

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