Let us get real

To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: Let us get real

Date: 5 August 2008


Affairs of the heart, creative activities, and anything that makes you glad to be alive are under excellent stars over the coming 12 months, so stop looking back at what didn’t work out and look forward to all the fantastic times still to come. Life is good.

You will impress people in positions of authority today, of that there is no doubt at all, but the interesting thing is you will do so without having to raise much of a sweat. Sometimes everything goes right without you even trying. This is one of those days.

Before I respond to today’s message may I remind of yesterdays message, “do not make the same silly mistakes.” I do not exist in the 5 percent I am supposed to be in.  I do not even make it in the top 100, hell top 400, and because of this something is very wrong.  On paper what does I own and off of the paper what do I control to help me in my own behalf, I can do for everyone but myself.  I can see a setup from a mile away.

I am looking forward to due recognition and some level of respect.  A man who cannot help himself is of no help at all.  Where is my bank account and where is my stock and bonds, lets us get real for a change.  I am like a comic book character or Prince Hall nothing but mythology being used daily without a single form of compensation. That ain’t right!

I am being played like a violin, we are still discussing the same shit from 4 months ago, I am singing to deaf ears and I am tired of it.  Where is my private Jet and limousine?  Where is my condominium?  There are plenty of them vacant so what is the problem?  This is a buyer’s market for homes and the price of gas brought the price of cars down.  So explain the problem!

The bottom line is you’ll are full of shit; taken me for a flight on a magic carpet.  It is time to get real!

Frank Paul Gambino


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