Too Deep Cover Two

To: President George W. Bush

From; Frank Paul Gambino

RE: Too Deep Cover Two

Date: 5 August 2008


I know we have a problem when I was worth $20 Million at age 16 years, but now I am 49 years old and still everything is off the books, to include me as an individual, I might be in the telephone book, but not in the yellow pages.  Books like who’s who has no idea I exists I am not even mentioned in the NNDB (Notable Names Data Base), they mention has been rappers, this is how little I am thought of in the world and America.


I am not even in the top 400 in Forbes and I should be in the top 5.  I do not even exist in my own wife’s biography, so how can I possible trust your true intentions.  I posted so much stuff on the Internet that there is not secret other than you do not plan to honor your side of the bargain.  I can go on and on, but the bottom line is I am too far below the radar of legitimacy and if nothing else in the next 3 months this has to be changed, I am an inventor and businessman, and I invented countless things that need not be mentioned.  I am not a gangster on the down low unless you really want me to start acting like one. I am being setup from every angle; I want my credibility and due respect as a significant personality.  I am being played.  Give me my name and the money will follow!


Frank Paul Gambino

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