Alicia Belongs in Las Vegas

To: Janet & Alicia

From: Paul

RE: Alicia Belongs in Las Vegas

Date: 6 August 2008


If I had to classify Alicia with my limited knowledge of Genres, I would classify her more so Pop than R&B, with a crossover appeal.  Her music makes you think and listen to the feelings.  Make sense?  My point is that I think she belongs in Las Vegas for a long time for a huge sum of money.   I think we should try to get her a $100 Million contract for 5 years, guaranteeing she release two more albums during the stay, one at the beginning and one in the middle.


This can take place after she finishes her tour and get rested up, then she can make another album and go to Las Vegas for 5 years under a no gambling clause and if she marries her husband cannot gamble either, we will not have another Celine Dion act whereby Alicia works to pay a man’s gambling debts.


Alicia is cool out music, it is not party music and is about listening and feeling and not about dancing.  Her music is good at a bar environment or like I said at a casino.  I really like the Diary of Alicia Keys and I never bought it or gave it away by accident.  I remember these songs like if I had the album.  I gave my sister almost all my CD’s and it might have been in the load, I know I kept Songs in A minor.  Because I knew I was going to go through her stuff to understand he music.  I think on her next album she should include at least 3 dance songs, it will not disappoint her following, but what she has is working and sometimes you do not fix something that is not broken.  I just want her to make a few songs for me and as I said I am into the up tempo and that applies to you, Michael, Prince, even the Gap Band, but Charlie Wilson has an unique sound to his slow songs like Ronald Isley and R Kelly gets by because he is funny.


There are slow songs and listening music Alicia is listening music and her music is very mature, she plays the kind of music you want to hear on a date with someone you love, you can hold a serious conversation while you still have an idea of what the song is about. I am going to start listening to her more, especially when I am writing.  She can relax a gambler who just lost a bankroll. 


I think Alicia will do very well at the casino venue as long as she does not become a part of the environment.  And I think the casino scene will work well with that 007 shit.  She can make movies on sight.  She does an excellent job at what she does, she will not be replaced easily. 


I think she should also make a double CD for Sony Acid at a minimum, I understand J Records is under the Sony umbrella.  I want this included in her music contract with casino performer support in the same nature as tour support.  If so Sony can let Dr. Fink make a double loop CD they can give Alicia one as well, she is a part of the family.  In fact Sony should get wise and make an Alicia Keys DVD with REX2 and Apple Loops included like Big Fish Audio, being Acid is made to Rewire Reason.


Love Paul

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  1. vegas hotels…

    There is so much to do in Las Vegas and forgetting about the argument at hand while you are in las Vegas live it up….

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