I want my name

To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: I want my name

Date: 6 August 2008


You may not be the most organized member of the zodiac but you do think and act fast and to a degree that negates the need for discipline. Take life as it comes and ignore those who say you should be more methodical. No method is your method – and it works.

A lot seems to be going on behind the scenes at the moment and it may well be the case that certain people are keeping you in the dark for less than honorable reasons. You can sense they are up to no good. Now all you need to do is find proof.

I just want my name and due recognition, while it seems like I need people they really need me.  But until I get my due recognition I will not get my due respect and that is all I want then the money will follow.  People playing games behind the scenes are only playing with themselves.  I do not have time to figure out what other people are doing behind my back.  While the cat is away the mice will play, but the same person who scattered them will gather them.


My message is the same as yesterday because nothing changed, I want my shit in my name.  I want my name!  My name is Frank Paul Gambino and it must be duly recognized, by the same people who recognize Carlo Gambino, it is that simple.  My only problem is my finances are not where they should be, it is not what people are doing, because it will halt once I am duly recognized, it is that simple.  PAY ME!  Then watch how fast the attitudes change.


Frank Paul Gambino

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