Las Vegas Presents Alicia at the HG Nightclub

Las Vegas Presents Alicia at the HG Nightclub

Huge Capacity


My vision for Alicia is something that will require a lot of square feet.  A huge capacity nightclub environment that holds about 7,000 to 8,000 people!  This would call for at least 2,000 tables.  She would do about 140 shows per year to 180 shows per year.  She would have an opening act and her show will be about 2:30 hrs long.  They will serve drinks and even food can be preordered.  There will be dancing space in the rear not to disrupt the view of the audience.


Her stage will be a little above the tables height so that everyone can see.  This will be a very mature setup.  The idea is that people will come together for about 4 hours and drink and eat and cool out.  This will not be the traditional show; it will be like visiting a nightclub with live performances.  You can give each patron two free drinks on the house.


I will leave it to the architects to design this special stage for Alicia.  This will be something out of James Bond.  This will be a totally different approach from a concert or a small nightclub.  Security will be a major concern because you are talking about huge crowd control with alcohol involved.  I think this will work!


It will require several bars and waitresses and waiters.  I am talking about the promotion of a concert presented in a huge nightclub environment; you have to be 21 years old and older to enter.


Frank Paul Gambino

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