Do you really believe this shit?

To: Janet   From: Paul RE: Do you really believe this shit?  Date: 6 August 2008

The bullets are not flying at me Janet.  I have no bodyguards, so what does that tell you.  John Jr. is nothing but leverage. They know I will do everything in my power to protect him for his father.  Even if he goes to jail I will get him out one way or another.  No one better not harm that family!  The bullets are not flying at us!

In a rare display of public anger, John Gotti lashed back at rumors suggesting he has become a mob rat and that he will be indicted for murder. The unexpected outburst happened while CBS 2 questioned him outside Federal Court in White Plains, New York on Tuesday.Gotti said that reports that he has cooperated with the government have put him and his family at risk — including the danger that he might “get one in my head.”




“My family lives in fear as a result of that,” Gotti said, apparently referring to a New York Post story last year in which unidentified sources said Gotti, then on trial, had considered becoming an informant and had told prosecutors about crimes he and others had committed.

Gotti said an FBI agent was behind the claim — which he denied — and “should be brought up on charges.”

“What happens next?” he said. “Does it make it all better if I get one in my head? … Does it make it all better if I’m found in the street?”

He offered to take a lie detector test on live television if the agent were charged. FBI spokesman James Margolin declined comment.

Gotti, son of “Dapper Don” John Gotti, the late Gambino family boss, spoke after a hearing in White Plains federal court on an unrelated tax matter.


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