Do you remember this letter

Crips and Bloods & Mafia {IN EFFECT}



To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 31 January 2007

Date: 17 October 2007


Do you remember this letter; I am not the bad guy!  Like you cannot do your tour alone, we cannot stop this shit alone!


Gentlemen you now have an opportunity prove yourself as being worthy of this huge settlement.  It came down from the White House that they will no longer target Organized Crime, but the focus is on terrorism and hopefully our borders because they are two separate issues that both have to be attended to accomplish this mission.  This operation is now officially in effect.


Frank Paul Gambino



Current Position:


I think we are in a position to literally cripple the cocaine drug trade.  If President Bush shuts down the border in a timely manner and we slow down the movement of that s*it, even if they continue to grow new supplies, they will not be able to get it to the customers.  Furthermore without the Crips and Bloods it will be very difficult to run operations in many black communities. Once we settle with these men they will be able to pump money back into the communities that the drugs deteriorated.   We will sponsor drug rehabilitation centers and job programs through churches and non profit organizations, as we create jobs and business opportunities.


I want to allow marijuana to hit the streets; I think that stuff is safer than alcohol.  This is what young adults are doing now.  I prefer that it be legalized at federal level and taxed, this way we can have better control over who can purchase it.  Keep it away from kids.  How to obtain a license to sell the stuff has to be determined.  That will be the next major move, the development of black communities that puts blacks in businesses in their own communities and the development of stronger black labor force.  I realize they may have suffered due to drugs, but it is my position that they earned the money.  They used drugs and now they can use the drug money.  I do not need that money personally; I can just invent shi*t and cure diseases and get paid selling it. This money belongs to them. If they do not want it, I will have no problem investing it for them.  Marijuana grows in the United States, so this stuff does not have to be imported.  Therefore we can stop everything at the borders and ports.


Important Note:


If I am on point now that I think about what was discuss during the Integration in 1989, John Gotti may have had something to do with the Bloods operations.  It might have been a balancing act.  I thought they were to get their settlement from the Cartels, but they may have been connected to John Gotti.  This may explain why they did not kill off each other in the process of their daily business.  If so, John can make a settlement with the Bloods, I made my promise to the Crips and their money belongs to them.  If the settlement with the Blood is fair, I will honor it.  Perhaps we can bring them under one banner under the umbrella of the Freemasons.


Crips & Bloods:


…have to negotiate your way between two opposing factions.  Make sure you stay neutral.


This has Crips and Bloods written all over it.  The problem is I do not know if I can be neutral.  I made a pact with the Crips with the intentions of curbing drug distribution and ending the war on drugs.  I would like to bring them two together but not from a position of neutrality, the Bloods will have to merge under the banner of the Crips. I owe the Crips and I do not owe anything to the Bloods and if the Crips do not want the Bloods to merge with them I will not force the issue.  They can come to another agreement and make a peace treaty and maintain their separate personalities, but how can I split the Crips settlement with the Bloods?  That would be like splitting the Mafia’s share with the Cartels.  The Crips money belongs to the Crips.


Drug War:


I think if we can come to a settlement between the Crips and Bloods, it will make it much easier to curb drug distribution in the United States and there for restrain the right to use drugs, by going up on the prices. I am against cocaine and heroin and I want to control that stuff, through the regulation of distribution.  I would like to legalize marijuana or at least allow the distribution of this drug.  I would like marijuana to either become legal and taxed or have the authorities turn their heads the other way when it is distributed   I offer the services of the Crips to the government to assist the government in the war on hard drugs.  Once I pay these guys, I see no reason for them to be in the drug trade for any reason other than to control it.




Once I unify these organizations, we can setup a line of communications with the government for them to be the eyes and hears of Homeland Security.  I think this is a job for the Mafia.  As I said about the Crips, once I pay the Mafia, there will be no reason for them to engage in illegal activities for any reason other than to control it.  Therefore they can be entranced at the seaports and airports and other aspects of legal distribution like trucking and keep the government informed as to any possible threat they may be aware of.  The important key here is that when we get away from illegal activities, we have to close the flood gates behind us.  We cannot stop everything, but we can have an influence on the drug trade and the prevention of terrorism.








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