Family, the Gay Mob & Hollywood

To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: Family, the Gay Mob & Hollywood

Date: 9 March 2008

Date: 7 August 2008


March 9, 2008 — All your best features will be on display this week, not least your empathy and patience! With both Venus and Mercury moving in your favor over the next seven days you will seek out people who share your love of balance and harmony and avoid people who are loud, rude and aggressive.


I think my future will be fine; if we find something we do not like we can reinvent it or redesign it, remember we are talking about a person who can make things from little of nothing.  What is important is obligation, because my marriage is forever and it is not based on a temporary emotion but to the obligation of mankind.  The way I see it my marriage is in trouble only if I get tired of humans all together, because we can all change and reinvent ourselves as time goes along, in fact it is a requirement…


…I realize at the beginning I will require a lot of attention but that will only last for awhile; under normal conditions I will focus on my family but also I will focus on business and I expect the same out of her especially when it comes to the entertainment industry.  I hate to say it but the enemy in Hollywood is the Gay Mob, they are people who pervert Hollywood and force the issue of the exploitation of sex and other things that are degrading to the actors, actresses and the general public. 


They are the ones who create the mindset of many people to be negative, they are the people who exploit the fact that celebrities have no privacy and I think that this law under the current circumstances be taken under reconsideration by the United States Congress, we should give them back there privacy and thereby their dignity. 


Gossip should be known as entertainment to the public and not falsehoods passed off as truths.  The difference between News and Gossip is like boxing and wrestling, one is a sport and one is entertainment and the audience knows this.  As things stand today people put out gossip without a disclaimer and that may not be ethical.  But celebrities are fair game as the law stands.


These days we rarely hear about the good things entertainers do, we only hear about whom they are dating and where they were at last night and with who and not about all the good things the charities do and the positive things they have to say to the world?  The Gay Mod has about every singer and actress posing nude on the Internet, what is that about?  Anyone on a medium security computer can access this stuff.  And like I said I never hear about the good things they do, only how they are trying to sell a record or film, where they been and with who and if they are saw with a person from the opposite sex or even same sex these days we automatically assume they are dating code for screwing.  This is the Gay Mob and it is time for them to move to the side they had their turn and failed America.


Frank Paul Gambino

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