I Never Give up

To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: I Never Give up

Date: 7 August 2008

Too many times in the past you have given up on a dream when, with a little bit of effort, you might have turned it into a reality. Soon though you will get the chance to make up for all those wasted opportunities. This time you must not let it pass.

Partners and relatives seem to be in an unusually friendly, even loving, mood at the moment, and you should take advantage of it to let them know what it is that would make you happy. If you don’t get it today you will certainly get it tomorrow.

First of all, I have not given up on anything especially Janet that was my promise to her.  I knew this would be an uphill battle, she told me “you would get tired of this bitch” as she put it.  She told me “not to commit suicide” and told her that “I am incapable of doing that.”  If I have a dream or say a vision the chances are it already happened, it is just a matter of time, remember the saying, “This is all preordained?”

Janet is not my greatest opposition, my greatest oppositional force is you.  I am being forced to work twice as hard as everyone else, everything I am doing I done before.  Every dime I am worth I made already, but you insist I do it again.  I should not have to make money I already own, but with you all this has become a requirement.

What I want is not new it is the goal, to go home and that will not happen tomorrow, maybe something like debt relief and better communications might happen.  I do not see this all ending tomorrow, so it will not happen, but maybe I might receive backstage tickets to a show, that I can see.  Receiving all my property tomorrow will not happen but some property being put into my name that might happen.

Because I made it clear I do not like surprises I might receive one, but that is not my will, on the contrary it is against it.  I made it clear I did not want to go from zero to infinity and because I said this it might happen but not tomorrow.  I want to walk up a ladder step by step to my destination, because if you remember the reason we are going through this is I want into shock the last time you throw all this stuff at me all at once.   Do not do this again, but things do not have to be so slow.  We are crawling!


Nothing changed I want my name.  Janet thinks I will go to jail in the future and she thinks if she duly recognizes me I will become subject to a lot of media attention, people will know about us and it will make be a target to a lot of things to include affairs.  But her duly recognizing me is the springboard to going forward.  I cannot remain in the shadows forever; I have to come out from under and I will be the creator of the pathway to our final growth. I have not given up on anything; I simply turned the other cheek more than required by any man.  People will get what they deserve!

Like I explained to Janet the bullets are not flying over my head or John Jr. head, it is the wannabe gangsters like Jermaine Dupri who we hear are around gun fire.  The people I am dealing with they do not miss from a mile away, if they want you they get you.  I am wanted in desired and not a wanted man, I turned my report into the Secret Service when I went to California and everything I claim is under investigation by the your men.  Sometimes it is what you know and I have a reservoir of information locked away in a safe place my mind.  When you are ready to deal so be it!

Frank Paul Gambino


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