In my Backyard?

To: Janet

From: Paul

RE: In my Backyard?

Date: 8 August 2008


I do not understand you, all the time you was in my backyard, my friend gave me the address and it was confirmed, but I will not go there uninvited.  I also know where Jermaine Dupri lives.  In my backyard, I have to wonder about my agents to allow this shit, not that you’ll live together you do not, but New York City is not large enough for me and Jermaine Dupri.


They say I have to make the first move, Janet I made all the moves it is about time for you to stand up to the plate. I do not know what you are going to do, I know you are not going to move, but Jermaine Dupri has to go back to Atlanta, he is not welcome in New York City and his invitation has expired.


I think we need to have a man to man talk, no violence or anything like that, but he has to back down, he can be with his bodyguard if he thinks I am a man who will not honor his word, but we need to talk and soon.


What has been going on was wrong and you know it, furthermore nothing good came out of this relationship, he single handedly destroyed your career in my opinion, I could be wrong you may had lend a helping hand, but he can never love you like I do, you are nothing but publicity for him.  I just want to say I know where you are and where he is, as far as you I will not show up uninvited and I ask for an invitation.  As for him maybe he might get a surprise visit if he cannot arrange a meet.


Love You,




PS:  Hope to see you on Sunday!



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