Janet! Old School is New School in Music Industry

Janet! Old School is New School in Music Industry


By: Frank Paul Gambino


I do not know but I am still stuck in the 80’s and 90’s when it comes to music and I am not alone.  Most number one radio shows play the old with the new because artist like Michael Jackson, Prince, Janet Jackson, The Gap Band, Earth Wind & Fire and the list goes on still have appeal.  In fact the mistake a lot of these artists made were they tried to sound like kids who are emulating them.  They tried to sound like something that does not really exist which is a rich new sound.


Thinkaboutit! Guys like Usher are trying to be Michael Jackson, while Michael was out trying to be an unintended Usher. I love my Janet, but I do not know what she was trying to do, but the good thing is that she is going to perform all her singles reasonably possible at her Rock Wit Chu Tour, which is an oxymoron because it should be called Janet 42 or something, even if she plans to perform 44 songs, because the show is about Janet and not Def Jam, who pulled back on promotions of the album, but was unsuccessfully at interfering with the original plans for this tour.


I do not know I guess traditionally they say they are promoting an album when they go out on tour but in reality that is where the money is at in the industry today it is in touring.  So in reality the album promotes the tour and not the other way around.


Personally if I was Janet, oh I am a part, anyway that is another story, I would release a Party CD with her best dance songs to let people know they are about to really have a good time and remind people about just who she is a R&B and Pop Icon.  Furthermore it would get her more airplay by making the old songs a part of a new release, and this is the type of music getting airplay anyway.


A Party with Janet CD would be on time, not everyone has all of her CD’s and every album has something special on it.  Like Prince I think Janet could really put together a great greatest hits CD and later for the Oxymoron tell it like it is because it is what it is and that is what the people really want, to reminisce on when music was really music.  Personally I made my greatest hits CD, but not everyone wants to invest in so many albums to hear her at her best. 


Listen to your man Janet!


Love Paul

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