LUV Video Shoot

To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: LUV Video Shoot

Date: 8 August 2008

Visualize what it is you most want to accomplish and before you know it you will have attracted that very thing into your life. Give your imagination permission to roam far and wide over the coming 12 months. Life is an adventure or it is nothing.

You must be decisive. Don’t sit there hoping that someone you fancy will make the first move, get up and get out there and let them know how you feel. It will be surprisingly easy to charm people today. As for the weekend, it’s love and roses all the way.

On Sunday, August 10th @ 12 noon all NYC Janet Fans will meet at Central Park [west], Entrance across street from the Apple store (5th Ave).

To shoot footage for the “LUV” Fan-made Video! All Fans Invited if can make it!!!

If anyone else want’s to shoot footage, please bring a camera.

I guess I will test my Mini DVD and digital camera this weekend and get lost in the crowed.  I came across something last night before I went to bed and e-mail it to Janet it upset me.  I am not going to discuss it.  I think this event is going to be crazy she has some ballistic fans they are crazy about her and for this reason I am confident she will do well at her concert tour.  I understand it is International.

I guess the West Central Entrance is near 60th or 61st street, I do not know much about Central Park.  I know you have the 59th Street Bridge on 1st Avenue and Central Park is down a few the blocks.  I wonder if Janet will show up, I understand this event will be held by her fans but you never know.  Then they plan to go to the beach, I do not like the beach to much, the water anyway I drowned as a child, I was not traumatized by it I just know the danger of the ocean.  But I will participate at the LUV video shoot.

I have a relative who live near by where this event will be held, I have not seen her in some time, I wonder if she will be home.  I should stop by to say hi, before the event starts.  But you know how family can be if you surprise them and I lost her phone number.  I know how to get there but I do not know the address.  I do not know; I have to try to find her phone number maybe my cousin has it, maybe I might call him to get her number.  They built up this area since I was a child.


Frank Paul Gambino




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