Sonar & Control

Sonar & Control



To: Janet

From: Paul

Date: 7 August 2008


Sonar 7 is not that hard, I can do with it what I do with Acid Pro 5 already, plus I Rewired Reason 4.0.1 to it, all you have to do is push the buttons (Rewire & Reason).  I will make a beat tomorrow using Sonar 7 and Reason 4.0 together for practice; I really look forward to getting my package. 


Sonar 7 has a lot of stuff to master it but I plan to make it my primary music creation program along with Reason 4.0.1.  In time I will learn!  Sonar is so much like Acid and Reason combined, but I know Reason and it is a great program to create music with.  I have my dithering set at 16 bits but I need to set it at none because I record at 16 bits.


I think such a venue as a HG Capacity or (Huge) Capacity Nightclub might be the future for the mature artist.  Maybe they should build a few of them at major casino gaming establishments and not just for Alicia.  Maybe Michael should bid for one also and you might want to perform in one.  The idea is to not just get a gate but to get patrons to consume food and drinks during the show.  I think it is an idea to be realized and Alicia would be the springboard to a new type of venue.  You can double your contract to $200 Million also, but it really does not matter we will be on the same budget and like I said you’re the one that is going to be high maintenance and not me.  All I really want is you and my family, I will be happy in a $300 suit.


Power is more important to me than being a multi-billionaire consumer.  I am more concerned with the control of my environment, than I am about purchasing the world.  I do not want to own it, I want to own me.  I want me back! I was given as a ransom.  I am sure you can understand this!  As you put it Control and you was so young at the time, so imagine how important it is at my stage of the game after what I been through!


Love You;







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