Let’s have a good time

To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: Let’s have a good time

Date: 9 August 2008


A Mercury-Pluto aspect on your birthday means you won’t be shy about articulating your opinions. Your “I’m right, you’re wrong attitude will, of course, rub some people up the wrong way but you’re not about to worry about that, or anything else.

Mercury, planet of the mind, moves into your opposite sign of Virgo this weekend, making it easier for you to understand why loved ones act the way they do and to communicate with them about your concerns. There will be no more misunderstandings – well, almost.

We are not going to go there this weekend, but I will softly respond to the message of the day with some significance.

First of all, this I am right and you are wrong attitude has its proper place, but not this weekend.  This weekend is about being on the laugher side of life.  Before I go into this I want to say something.

Believing in God:

I told a woman a lot of things in the Bible are now becoming realistically obtainable, to even consider everlasting life her on Earth with the Lord.  I talked about the promising stem cell research and the breaking of the code to the DNA.  Now she is supposed to be a Christian and her response was “that is the Devil and he has no soul and you do not know what you are getting, people are trying to play God.”  My response was “what you do not understand is that 99.99% of the people who claim to believe in Jesus do not believe in God they believe in being equal and the belief of God and being equal are not the same.”  See people claim to believe in God the unobtainable, someone who is to be passed on to the next generation and never to be realized and they claim to be prepared to go to outer space to a factitious Heaven after death.  But the scripture says the Lord will be on Earth with men forever.

The truce:

That said, I and a friend will go to the LUV video event at Central Park he said it is near 59th street and not 61st street, he is right the entrance to Central Park is on 59th street and he described the Apple Store, hopefully the scattered thunder storms will not interfere with the event.  But going to the Beach will not be a wise move.  He wants to stay until it is over, he will work the camera and I will work the Mini DV and we can switch around. And that is what it is about this weekend, it is about fun and not judging Janet’s fans that on occasion will seem different to me.

State of Communications:

I am temporarily happy with the state of communications, however in time it needs further improvements.  But as things stand I can get my point across and get some feedback in return.

A great Idea for self promotions:

I told Janet she should release a greatest hits party album with her best fast songs from all of her albums.  People will enjoy it and it would get her music more airplay prior and during the concert tour and remind people as well as introduce her to new people for who she is a R&B and Pop Icon.  Like I said, Old school is new school in the music industry today.  Just listen to the party mixes, it is old music.

But here is the fresh idea, Janet should post 8 ½ by 11 inch which is normal paper size, small promotional posters that are in PDF format, for her fans to download and print to post in places like the barbershop, beauty salon, laundry, hand out to friend they would want to party with at the show sort of like an invitation flyer.  At the job bulletin board if allowed, on their bulletin board as a constant reminder of the coming event.  Janet should tell her fans if each of you print 5 to 10 posters and pass them to friends and post them legally please do not vandalize it would be very helpful in promoting the tour.  Sure a fool will try to rain on the parade but over all it will be a huge success.

Frank Paul Gambino                                



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