The Mission and More

To: Janet

From: Paul

RE: The Mission and More

Date: 9 August 2008


Contemporary Music:


Randy Jackson plays the top 20 contemporary hits, that is how I keep up with what is hot in the new market, most of the music isn’t bad at all.  I listen to his show every Saturday morning, but as you know I catch up on my rest Friday night into Saturday morning, so I usually miss part of his show, there have even been occasions when I relaxed through his show because I stayed up very late the night before.


Sorry about the eye trouble:


I hear Jermaine Dupri is still having eye problems after all of this time, we can fix him up if he trust me, I do not hate him, I just see him as an adversary as in  opponent when it come to you, he has the right to love, but he should not love another man’s wife, that is where he is going wrong, in his eye he commits adultery and in his heart he commits adultery and he not only commit it, as many of us have but he is living in it and that is not good.  But I do not want the young man to go blind unless he did something really wrong to you; I do not know that to be the intentional case, but maybe he wanted you to depend on him.




A woman said “You have to forgive because you know who you are, but if someone does wrong by you and they know who you are, they cannot go unpunished,” another oxymoron.  I told her, “I will forgive them all, but it will take a year,” I was telling a dark joke.  I said, “I will be sleepy and want to rest.” As to say let them catch hell while I catch up on tender loving and care.  Selfish right!  But I know the better half of me will not sit back and watch the world go to hell just so I can love her.




But on the serious side my doctor ask me a couple of questions I did not want to talk about with him, after I told him my honest belief about something and how I really feel about why I have my problems.  I said, “I might be crazy but it is because I know who I am and where I been.”  I said, “But some of the greatest minds were considered mentally ill, so I might be in a minority” but lost of words I explained I am not one of inferiority.  He then added to my diagnosis PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  The bottom line is he realized I have been traumatized. 



The Mission:


When I was 16 years old, I could have been wealthy and continued to make money, but my parents wanted me to take on this mission, I had no idea I would be 49 or 7×7 before this thing would almost come to an end.  When I met with you’ll in 1975 at the MSG this was decided we are talking 33 years ago.  So yes I am traumatized for good reason; not just because of my conscience, but because I was put through the ringer!  All I wanted was the right to a wife which is a profound statement, but as I love you so I will love others.


Getting Ready:


I am not getting dressed up tomorrow, I will wear a pair of shorts and running shoes and will carry a backpack to carry my stuff,  I have a bag for both the mini DV and camera, but there will be other things I need to carry and if it rains for a little while I want to protect my property and myself.  I hope the weather is in our favor, it is so unpredictable these days.  I have  few a errands to run this morning


Love Paul



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