Think I am Ready

To: Janet

From: Paul

RE: Think I am Ready

Date: 9 August 2008


I am recharging the batteries for the mini DV; we shot videos and photos, when I finish this letter I will read up on a few pieces of advice, so I do not look foolish later. Hector has a bad right arm, he is not the right person for the mini DV, we will let him do the photos.  .


Now I have time on my hands, I do not want to make a beat this weekend and I am not going to The Queensbridge Reunion.  Like I said I do not hangout anymore for the sake of just hanging out.  If you were going it would be different, plus when I was preparing to go to California, nobody stood up to the plate to go with me and I offered to pay all the expenses, I just wanted a mediator; my sister was the wrong person to take, she discouraged me and upset me and waiting until we got to California to decide to debate the issue, but I know it was out of love.  However, we could have had that discussion in New York City.


I do not know how long the event will be tomorrow or how long I will be able to shoot videos, but an hour of videos is more than enough and I have two batteries, I should get two hours out of them off and on.  I have to get the update!


I see they posted that letter I wrote, I know you do not want to hurt Jermaine Dupri, but there is a way to show concern and sympathy without running back to him.  I know the perception is bad, it looks like you leaving him because he is injured or is showing no concern in his hardship in time of need, but how about me and you.  I was in pain for many years and where was he when they stopped promotion on your album?  I think he did it and used his hands to do the dirty work!  You were arguing with the wrong person.


I do not know the whole story and should not ask you too many questions if you do not ask me too many, I mean a question for a question!  Personally I have nothing to hide from you, I was alone too long I fucked up to some degree, but I think the good will outweigh the bad in the long run.  I really have faith in God and the abilities bestowed upon through the grace of God.  Why me I have not that answer, but why not I survived against all odds, so why not me?


I do not think I was put through all of this just to die a natural 80 years life time.  I think Stem cells and the code to the DNA is knowable by God’s will and it will be delivered to mankind.  I really believe there will be a new beginning and it will all be worth the while and wait, but I still do not think it had to be this way.  However it is what it is.


I love you truly,



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