The Faulty Accounting & the 430Y & the Mission 33Y

The Faulty Accounting & the 430Y & the Mission 33Y


[Question]: You didn’t tell me the Supreme Mathematics of the Day?  


[Answer]: We will call this the Egypt to Israel Faulty Accounting!


[Question]: Why? 


[Answer]: Because the Numbers don’t square!


Mathematics made simple:  430 years in Egypt = Symbol of being in Slavery!  The first ship with slaves is said to have arrived in America in 1619?  1619 + 430 = 2049. Now the birth of the Son was in 1959 or 0059 or 0001 or [AD 05?]  According to the Roman Catholic Church & the Birth of Paul, he was born AD 05?  I can call them confused and say if Apostle Paul was born [AD 05] and I AM 44, then today we are living in AD 0049 – 40 from the 0089 = Now! = 0049.  Or if the Son was born on AD 0, and is 49 years old we are living in AD 0049.  Now if King Jesus Paul Solomon is the Three Great Lights contrary to the false teachings of Freemasonry then the problem is their accounting!  Why?  If slavery was introduced here in 1619 = 381 before the second coming of G if we believe there is a Savior, he must remove slavery, am I correct, if we duly recognize 2000 years?  Furthermore 381 + 49 = 430, the accounting does not square.


Then if the Birth of the Savior is the Beginning of AD = Anno Domini = in a specified year of the Christian era = in the year of The Lord or AD 00?  Therefore, until AD 05 Paul wasn’t born or made yet.  


Therefore Paul cannot be accountable for anything before AD 05 or 1964.  Now we can call the Marches in 1963 the Marching Orders into the Wilderness which took place over 40 year ago.  Therefore the 430 years are up either in 2007 or 2008, depending on your supreme mathematics.  We are in Israel which the land of milk and honey, it is not located in the Middle East in a desert.


The Mission:


When I was 16 years old, I could have been wealthy and continued to make money, but my parents wanted me to take on this mission, I had no idea I would be 49 or 7×7 before this thing would almost come to an end.  When I met with you’ll in 1975 at the MSG this was decided we are talking 33 years ago.  So yes I am traumatized for good reason; not just because of my conscience, but because I was put through the ringer!  All I wanted was the right to a wife which is a profound statement, but as I love you so I will love others.


The Journey & Not Crucifixion




Janet I have to put you to sleep and you will not remember it was me, but, deep in your heart you will know I will come back to you. I will come back to you, I promise.


JANET = Jews


You are going to leave me and I will not remember this?






JANET = Jews






Someday you will understand, I promise I will come back to you!





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