Changing for the better

To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: Changing for the better

Date: 11 August 2008

The world you inhabit is merely a reflection of the thoughts in your head and once you come to terms with that fact you can start changing your life for the better. The more positive vibrations you send out this year, the more wonderful things you’ll get back.

Make it your aim this week to rearrange your work schedule so you have more time for the things that interest you. Some of your colleagues may be unhappy that they have to do more but they owe you plenty of favors. Call a few of them in.

First of all, I want to apologize to Janet and her most committed fans, because did something really stupid which is a habitual mistake for me that goes back for many years.  I have a habit of losing sunglasses, I tend to take them off and forget about them.  I had a case a bag and could have put them away but I left them on the edge of a wall.  So instead of admitting I was stupid, I started cracking jokes with Hector who went with me to Central Park calling them Sticky Fingers Fans.  We laughed all the way home, so I mentioned it to Janet and she did not take it well.  They were a bunch of nice kids, doing something really nice for Janet.  By the way I heard a woman say Janet looks better in the poster.

Secondly, I mentioned this to Janet but I think the promotional posters should be venue specific, whereby on the fan web sight under each venue is a poster with information specific to the venue and this is a job for the Production Manager Team, because they are the eye of the entourage.

For example:

Janet at the Mohegan on Arena, 11 October 2008 time and ticket information and so and so:  Maybe a one liner such as “set some chip aside for the Rock Wit Chu Tour!”  Maybe some of the songs that are hot at that specific venue can be mentioned and the words and more songs will be performed.  Like she will perform such and such hits and more, because different demographics will look forward to different songs:

 I think I can start being nice and bring about change in my life, however, you all have allowed my words to land on deaf ears.  Like I read the CIA made a fucked I up move setting up white workers to do blue collar spying and a year ago I told you about the Mafia, Crips and Blood in effect to deter terrorism and drugs, you did not listen and it is on the flash drive I gave up to the Secret Service.  I told you’ll to setup Janet a stage to perform for the troops (USO) and make arrangements with AAFES Reel Time Theaters again I heard nothing, this is not about making her money alone it is about morale and to reduction of suicides among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans which is at or beyond and alarming rate.

I told you’ll these men need two weeks twice a years in Hawaii somewhere for R&R and it should be with there families, I do not care if it calls for a special spending bill by the congress, if you request it under the current circumstance they cannot refuse the request as misappropriations it is a real need that can save billions of dollars and thousands of lives in the future. 

These kids are all work and not play.

I was at Janet’s place yesterday, I did not go it but I know how to get there, all is left for me to do is call for her, but I want my first visit to be invitation based; I want to know that she is ready to receive me.  I guess my attitude will make a difference there.  I have to stop telling some many dark jokes not everyone find them funny.

I should be getting a package this week.  I think my work schedule is fine, I spend only a few hours at work and I spend the duration on my time on the computer devising plans and creating music.  I plan to really focus on making music and making one or two postings per day.  I can talk to Janet about everything including stuff I cannot post, so that part can be done without too much thinking as to how to articulate it.  Going to SUS makes my day it is my only real associations with the outside world directly.  One thing that can be done now that Dr. Kane added PTSD to my diagnosis; you can unlock my case at Washington DC and give me about 50% to 70% Service connected disability ASAP to cover new and immediate expenses.  I have to do a VA survey on their services.  There are people here where I live that can help me if I could subsidize them for the assistance.  Many of them are smart and have plenty time on their hands.


Frank Paul Gambino

PS: Someone asked me who am I for McCain or Obama.  My response was, “I know McCain is a friend, he asked for my friendship, I do not know if Obama is my friend, he talks about changing shit but with whose money?”  Any real changes will come through me. It is nice that a black man is so lose to being in the White House, hell he might rename it the Blue House, but he never asked for my friendship so how an I know if he is a friend?  The election of a President is not personal it is business.



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  1. Well said Great information, keep up the great work!

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