People are the priority & Situations



People are the priority & Situations


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 12 August 2008

There is not much point worrying that you are behind in your chores because there is simply too much ground to make up between now and when the Sun leaves the work area of your chart on the 22nd. Besides, people matter more than meaningless tasks.

You would not have anything to do with my package coming in late would you?

I read somewhere about a dude who was behind on his tasks and had so much to do that he knew he was not going anywhere soon, because he was sent to complete the job that was unfinished.

Must I repeat myself over and over?  The plan devised for Janet is the answer to part of the puzzle concerning the troops in the Middle East, she is a template to other Hollywood acts to follow, you have to entertain those men an women and you have to sedate them because and damage has already been done.  What is the Pentagon a bunch of dummies or ass holes?  Maybe we need to give them a training exercise to see what it feels like to be in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And I am tired of the 3rd Infantry Division getting dogged out all the time; this has been going on since World War Two.  They are a highly decorated unit I now it is my Division.

 People argue to send the troops home ASAP and I agree, but we have a problem at home that needs to be addressed also.  We are losing 6,500 veterans to suicide every year, which is more men than we are losing in the war zone, so what are we sending them home to, broken homes, into being new born strangers, loneliness and the lack of understanding as to what they are going through and have experienced.  Maybe we need to setup temporary housing for these men and their families at closed down military installations so they can be together and support each other, until they are ready to face the real world again.  We need to pamper them for awhile!

As things stand we out-process them and throw them back out into the world alone, in many cases broken homes and in a stressed out mentality.  We have to do a better job.  My suggestion is if you can build temporary homes in New Orleans, you can build temporary homes for this national crisis, not to belittle New Orleans, but are they losing 6,500 a year to suicide?

Think about it we lost 3,615 troops to war in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2007 and 6,500 to suicide stateside the same year.  The military code of discipline is the only thing keeping them alive.  We might have to extend there tour of duty for one year stateside mandatory duty assignment prior to release to transition them back to civilian life.   We have to do something right now indecisiveness is the enemy.

Frank Paul Gambino

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