The Public Eye can be a Bitch

The Public Eye can be a Bitch


To: Janet

From: Paul

RE: I cannot fuck with you

Date: 11 August 2008


The one person that can beat me down is you.  The one person who can get away with it is you.  I can live with that because I have a soft spot in my heart for you and it feels good to love someone.


To; Others


As I prepare to meet the public eye it came to me that the public eye can be a bitch.  There was a time I could say anything as I felt a need to vent; now it is like the shit haunts me.  Things I said a month ago seems like yesterday, while the things I say today are ignored if they do not fit the writer’s script.


I mean what do they know about me; I can post the truth and they have me so deep under that you will not know the truth when you see it.


I realize I have to change my style; I have a tendency to tell creepy jokes, meaning I say shit that if you do not know me you would swear up and down I am about to commit murder or something.  But I have a military history, which is actually somewhat present, but that is ill-relevant, but the point is that men of discipline tend to vent as a way to control their behavior.


I am not saying I will not fuck something up, but I will not talk about it first, see there I go again a fucking dark joke.  Like they say old habits are hard to break but they can be broken.  People that know me know I talk shit, in fact when I am serious about something I use very little profanity.  People who know me know when I mean what I say and when I am just trying to make a point.


In all honesty I am not the bad guy, but I prefer to be known as a bad person, than be known as a good person bad things happen to.  I want to be kind, but not have that mistaken for weakness, so sometimes I put on front, for the good of my adversary.  Because even if I am a good guy, I have friends not so forgiven and that is not a joke. Seriously it is not!  The moral to this letter is one should not pick on me, because you can, but payback’s a mother!


Frank Paul Gambino

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