If I really think it, it will happen

If I really think it, it will happen


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 14 August 2008

Sudden and unexpected disruptions will force you to think again about the way you do certain things but in the long-term it will work in your favor. The more you have to adapt to changing circumstances the more likely it is you will enjoy lasting success.

Stand up for what you believe in today, even if it means a conflict of interests with some powerful people. It may seem as if you cannot possibly win but it is the principle of the thing that matters and with right on your side might be able to be overcome.


Nothing happened unpredictable and nothing changed other than my attitude towards the whole thing.  Every time I say something about that faggot Jermaine Dupri, Janet tries to make him seem like the man.  I promised I would never hurt her again and I meant it but that promise does not extend to him.  That said, so be it, I have not time for watered down threats.  Action speaks louder than words!


The fact of the matter is I cannot lose, without taken a lot of people with me (In the Billions).  I do not have to let anyone know anymore than I want them to know.  Just keep messing with me and we will find out at the end, I could get rid of all of them, their money does not make them kill proof, that said so be it.  But they know they cannot harm me, it would lead to a nuclear holocaust and biological warfare beyond repair and then what good will their money be.  Their money will be worthless and their mechanism of control gone, meanwhile what do me have to lose but a pipe dream!  It is getting real old and fast!





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