Seeking Sponsors against AIDS

Seeking Sponsors against AIDS



To: Alicia

From: Paul

Date: 14 August 2008


If you become the a National Spokesperson and an Ambassador  against AIDS and for safe sex, you can sought after sponsors who will jump on a Alicia Keys name recognition to exploit their cause.  From women organizations to organizations for gay rights to organizations for the treatment of this dreadful disease; and I would use Durex as my springboard.  You can have your concerts sponsored by Durex and cosponsored by several non profit organization and pharmaceutical companies.  You do not want to scare people away with testing on site, making people feel pressured but you want to offer these services in a way that it will be for people who want it.


If you do the military circuit with the sponsors as well as the Department of Defense and can be promoted by a 100% military HIV accountability action, whereby everyone in the military is checked for HIV and AIDS within a certain realistic period of time and it is promoted along with your ticket.  This will make more people feel more confident to be tested, so we know what we are up against when we do release the cure.  The fact that AIDS is curable could become at least a myth in the entertainment circuit; you do not have to say biological warfare but you can say “we are in a war against AIDS who is a mean enemy” or something to that effect.  You will have to be careful about what you say and do not say if you get into this hot seat, but it could be very rewarding to your career and give your tour real meaning.


Frank Paul Gambino


You can call me Paul and know in your heart that we love you and you were meant to be.


You Father!


This was an original idea for Janet, but her cause is Ovarian Cancer, but your is AIDS so you should voice this as a part of your tour.

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