Street Promotional & MJJ Greatest Hits

Street Promotional & MJJ Greatest Hits



To: Janet

From: Paul

Date: 14 August 2008


Street Promotional


I just want to say that the promotional was a good idea but not thought out.  They should have passed out portrait business cards laminated with the fan phone number, ticket purchasing information, website info and the two venues that will served New Yorkers being New Jersey and the Mohegan Arena, unless you plan on doing the MSG in which case you should have mentioned the Mohegan for now at Central Park.  These business cards have to be venue specific.


And one of them should be standing there with a Janet Gear handing out business cards to every person who passes by, while there should be a table with pocket size posters and the “Party with Janet” CD, with a picture of all of your albums on the cover, that would be the cover “Party with Janet” small pictures of every album.


Michael’s Greatest Hits


I know I will be late in weighing in on Michael’s greatest Hits selection, but my favorite Michael songs are PYT, You Rock my World, Baby be Mine, Get on the Floor, and Of the Wall and if he make more slow songs like Human Nature, instead of junk like We are the World type stuff, he would really capture the R&B crowd again.











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