The Dream & the Interpretation

The Dream & the Interpretation


The Dream:

I had a strange dream last night, I dreamed Janet and Jermaine got married and on their honeymoon they died in a fatal car accident.  The strange thing about this is when I have bad dreams about myself or people I care about I wakeup before it happens, this time I saw it to the end.  The car blew up and they were never seen again. A man once told me that life is a dream.

The Interpretation:


Jermaine Dupri must be put under protective custody:


Once I am let loose, I do not know man; I have always been vengeful and I feel I was intentionally played.  I do not want to hurt him but I might not be able to help myself, when the opportunity presents itself. Keep him away from my reach.  That is the answer to that story about them blowing up in a car and never being seen again.  Not everyone who we made to disappeared died, they were given new identities.  Jermaine Dupri has to disappear and Janet will be discipline.


He is no longer welcome to New York City:


Every time I go to Los Angeles they run me out of town claiming I am a threat to the Jackson Family and their associates.  I had these strong words to say.


“So that is why you ran me out of Los Angeles, so you can run around with Jermaine Dupri? Another Dude!  I am very angry with you Janet and fed up with the whole thing.  While I am busting my behind trying to get you back on, you want to run around on me with another man for the sake of taken pictures and it is supposed to be alright?”


Why is it fair for them to roam around New York City and I cannot roam around Los Angeles?  If the Gambino Family cares anything about me they will not allow them to make me look like a total fool in New York City. Because if you do I will seriously consider leaving and we will see if you’ll are as fortunate during the next 9/11.  He have all the world just stay away from me, if cannot stay away from her!


Frank Paul Gambino




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