Is Jermaine Dupri Gay?

Is Jermaine Dupri Gay? 

The reason why Janet got into so many relationships with the different men was because she was concerned with her being mistreated like her brother Michael Jackson, who was accused of many sexual improprieties.  Janet is a straight woman who was married at a young age to someone who had to go on a long drawn out mission.  She did not want people to think she was homosexual, but also did not want to get into sexual relationships.  she tried to be as faithful as she could be.   

What Janet did was pretended to be in relationships with men who were not sexually threatening.  Rene was a homosexual blackmailer who played himself, James you tell me, so what does that make Jermaine Dupri at 5 feet 2 inches?  I am welling to bet and I do not gamble that he is a closet case!  And now he feels like fool because he now knows Janet is not one of them, she has a man that loves her.


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  1. Yes i’m gay. I like men. 😀



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