JDJJ Description

JDJJ Description


The Janet Damita Jackson Jones New Description


From The Frank Paul Gambino Achieves:


Janet Jackson reveals that she is truly secretly married to a government intelligence agent and has been for over 25 years through parental consent.  He is said to have a special gift and served within the intelligence community under deep cover for over 30 years since he was 17 years old and is now in the process of being made known to the public with the rights and privileges and  benefits equal to a retired Brigadier General.  He is a self made multi billionaire at the young age of 49 and was the secret behind Janet’s career at its height.  His code name was “Paul Castellano;” his mother is Blond Eva Austin Jones an African American and his father in the infamous Carlo Gambino a Sicilian.  Janet said she did not love James DeBarge, Rene Elizondo or Jermaine Dupri, but did date them in the absence of her husband who from time to time did spend quality time with her, still she found herself to be lonely at times, because he was a man on a very important mission and he could not be with her regularly. 


Janet admits they do have children together they are grown the oldest is Alicia and the youngest is Rene and plan to have more children in the near future.  Janet said, she is glad it is almost over, because it has been so hard to lead two lives, that of a celebrity and that of a wife to man she could not talk about in the public because of national Security  reasons.  Because of this she had to pretend she was in relationships that did not exist in reality.  His government records are sealed and are not open to the public.  He will receive a new name and Identity for business and personal reasons to prevent identity thief.  The government plans to build a secret high tech research facility where he will work to cure diseases and solve world problems, but this time he will come home at night. His birth name is Frank Paul Jones, does this ring a bell Janet Damita (JO) Jackson?  The Jo is short for Jones, which is her real surname through their marriage.  He is know as Frank Paul Gambino.


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