Let us get tough

Let us get tough



To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 15 August 2008

Like it or not you are going to have to make some serious changes over the coming 12 months, not least to your financial affairs which require a much firmer hand. A bit of belt-tightening will be no bad thing. A year from now you will be leaner and meaner.

There were times recently when you feared that your life might fall apart, but you kept going and kept it together and can justifiably feel proud of yourself. A new challenge will come into your life today. With your new-found confidence it will be a breeze.


I find Jermaine annoying at the least, when I should be guiding Janet I have reclaim her because to be public perception matters.  You know when I consider who I are and the wonderful things I have planned for the world and I cannot help but to wonder why people hate us so much.  You have the read the mess people post on the Internet to understand what I am saying.  They speak of Janet as is they do not know who I am.  If I was to hate the world the way the world hates me, this planet would know true hell.  What is it my fault or the decision of the creator that I was not blond hair with blue eyes?  They loved the idea of bullshit and they do not love him or it would show in the actions and appreciations of his existence.  I am talking about me.  “In Christ is reality.”


My men are going to have to step up to the plate and make an example out of someone, like I said not everyone who disappears dies someone just my have to take a one way trip so others do not follow his I disobedience.   I mean enough is enough, if Jermaine feels he is owed something he needs to man up and talk to me or forever be in silence


Now need to put the focus back on the Iraq and Afghanistan troops and veterans, we are losing over 3,300 a year on the battle field to death and over 6,500 to suicide per year in America and to mention the causalities of war.  I was serious about sedating them and entertaining them, the burden of war cannot solely be carried on the shoulders of the military the civilians have a duty as well.   Saw a young veteran and he was so lost, it made me so sad to see this sight.  He was pitiful!  It was like his soul was taken from him, is this our promise to a new America?


I was serious about curbing the drug trade and terrorism using the Mafia, Crips and Bloods under the banner of Freemasons and the Knight of Columbus.  Do I have to step by step this again am I speaking to deaf ears?


I did the dirty work for a lot of people for a very long time and not it is time to return the favor, but I will carry out my own mission as deemed necessary.


Frank Paul Gambino

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