I AM & Alicia

I AM & Alicia



To President George W. Bush

From; Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 16 August 2008

A lunar eclipse on your birthday means it is time to take stock of your life and to make the kind of changes that, up until now, you have talked about a lot but done precious little about. You can still be the person you dreamed you might be.

Your confidence will be at a low ebb this weekend, so don’t expect too much of yourself, either in your private life or in your work. Find some way you can be of service to other people. It will remind you just how lucky you really are.

There is not much left to do but formally introduce myself.  When that happens I have to be pulled from the streets, because they will not be as safe for me anymore and we are slowly but certainly approaching that point, which is a good thing.  As for whom I am, I will be me regardless.  I mean who is to interpret my dreams but me.


I saw a picture on myself as a child my eye was closed, I used to do that to see things, I used to be able to see things when I closed my eyes and concentrated.  It was like self hypnosis, I think I lost that ability over the years, but who knows unless I try.  I used to could think up stuff, I used to could literally count money almost to the dollar in a paper bag by closing my eyes, so the picture was a reminder of who I truly am.  My monitory stature will never define me, if that is what you call being the person my dreams might be, it is regaining my childhood abilities given away as a ransom, to deal with the government and it might be accomplished through what people call prayer, but for me it is concentrating to be one with the creator.  Maybe it is still in me, it came natural as a child until I started fucking with you’ll and forgot who I was.  The key is probably in me, I just have to find it.


I was reading an article about Alicia, she amazes me; it is a miracle how a person miles away and never acquainted can pick up certain traits.  She is so much like me that I wonder if she also has the gift.  Did you know she sleeps 4 hours a day?  I get about that on mediations, I hope what happened to me does not happen to her and we have to medicate her.  Her brain works overtime as does mine’s, it seem like I am always thinking.  What happened to be was that I stayed up for 3 months and had to be sedated and put to sleep.  I do not think she is getting enough sleep.


She is doing so well in her profession but is not enjoying it and feels she is alone, she has like 15 first cousins on my side and at least 1 sister and 2 more and one of them is her age that would be Keba, the other two are only about 5 years younger.  Alicia needs to get to know her family, plus she has a host of first cousins on the Jackson side.  Hell Alicia has first cousins over 10 years older than her and all of them seem to have children.  She does not have to be lonely, but I told her to the effect that it comes with the territory of being exceptional at something and I am lonely also, so she is not alone.  For this reason I look forward to the reunion and/or union and I say this because of some of us never met for the first time.  I just hope she keeps the faith and not make major errors of judgment after being so successful, she has to want to share that success and love people enough to feel they are worthy without feeling she is being used. But all of her cousins and siblings will be well off.  Alicia will be alright.


Frank Paul Gambino

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