Janet Hopes Tour Resurges Discipline Sales

Janet Hopes Tour Resurges Discipline Sales


Discipline did OK in the United States as well as Japan, Australia, Canada, but was surprisingly weak in Europe.  This is in no way an indicator of how well her tour will do.  These days’ albums do not promote tours, it is the other way around and that is what Janet is betting on.  Her tour will not only promote the Discipline album but will promote her whole library of music!  There are even talks about a possible party CD of greatest hits being released along with the Rock Wit Chu Tour, which will be an assembly of her best songs in her history in performing arts.


This concert tour is unconventional by every means, from the promotional techniques to the fact that a relevant artist is doing her best of her best songs from the induction of her career.  But music from the 80’s and 90’s is still in like Flynn, it is today’s party music in the mature clubs, which are the clubs people can drink in and be at peace.  There is a possibility of a USO leg to the tour; Janet really plans to reach out to all people and her tour will be the springboard for many acts to follow.  Janet Jackson is a true pioneer in the music industry.  And thumbs up to Alicia Keys who is all over the place turning the houses out!  We are proud of her.


Frank Paul Gambino

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