Janet’s Set List for the Rock Wit Chu Tour

Janet’s Set List for the Rock Wit Chu Tour


On PerezHilton Post these songs appear allegedly in the handwriting of Janet Jackson.  Whether it is her handwriting or not is really ill-relevant we do not know if she is testing the market or was simply brainstorming, because in any case it was not written in stone, but makes a good conversation piece

This was a wish list to view the real Set-List as performed:  Click Here


It was noticed that eleven out of the thirty songs reported on this set list are songs that Janet has never performed live before live.  And the title track to the promotion of the tour is also missing which is Rock with U.  Just two songs from the Discipline album appear on this set list being “Feedback” a song she was not satisfied with as the first song to drop from the album and “the one” featuring Missy Elliott (will she be a guest), all too sexually explicit that a 10 old can figure it out and Janet invited the whole family to the show. This does not square in the logic

I do not believe the hype about this set list, because she promise about 40 songs, some of her best are not included to include the title track to the tour.  But this is the latest news on
the Rock Wit Chu tour, and is really worth mentioning.  All and all it is a pretty good song selection for an adult audience, but we were promised more, but are not trying work her to death, we just want to have that good time she promised, even if it means doing two-five song sets to complete the set list.  But “the one” come on the parents would have to cover the children’s ears.


Frank Paul Gambino


The reported set list is as follows:
Part One
1. If
2. Control
3. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
4. So Excited
5. Black Cat
6. What Have You Done For Me Lately
7. Nasty
8. The Body That Loves You
9. Someday is Tonight
10. Come Back To Me
11. Feedback
12. Doesn’t Really Matter
13. Alright

Part Two
14. The 1
15. Rhythm Nation
16. You Want This
17. Tonight’s The Night
18. Got ‘Til It’s Gone
19. Spending Time With You
20. Island Life
21. That’s The Way Love Goes
22. This Time
23. Miss You Much
24. Call On Me
25. Truly
26. When I Think Of You

Part Three
27. Escapade
28. My Baby
29. Sexhibition
30. Better Days

Credit: Janet Xone



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  1. This sounds pretty weird to me. First, there doens’t seem to be a real flow between songs (ie. if and control followed by upbeat Love Will Never do). Janet’s set lists usually have a good flow to them. Plus she’s missing waaaay too many songs that are popular (ie. together again, all 4 u). I’m thinking this is pretty fake.

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  3. Seems like a pretty good list to me, though I would like to see more from “The Velvet Rope,” and also the title track for the tour (“Rock With You”) and the title track for the last tour (“All For You”). For the most part, though, pretty solid setlist. I guess we will see tomorrow night what really goes off!

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