Is Alicia Keys Ready for the big time Casinos?

Is Alicia Keys Ready for the big time Casinos?


Yes Alicia is big time ready!

No Alicia need to grow up a little more!


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The Article:

Alicia’s Club in Las Vegas the Largest in the World


If I had to classify Alicia with my limited knowledge of Genres, I would classify her more so Pop than R&B, with a crossover appeal.  Her music makes you think and listen to the feelings.  Make sense?  My point is that I think she belongs in Las Vegas for a long time for a huge sum of money.   I think we should try to get her a $100 Million contract for 5 years, guaranteeing she release two more albums during the stay, one at the beginning and one in the middle.


This can take place after she finishes her tour and get rested up, then she can make another album and go to Las Vegas for 5 years under a no gambling clause and if she marries her husband cannot gamble either, we will not have another Celine Dion act whereby Alicia works to pay a man’s gambling debts.


This idea for Alicia is it possible.  I mean like conference tables with all seats facing the stage to hold drinks, eat or whatever.  Sort of like the way the Congress is setup with small tables at every seat.


The club would have to be huge I think we are talking in the range of 60,000 feet or 200 feet by 300 feet and 300 feet is the length of a football field, which is one hundred yards.  It would probably have to take up a couple of stories.  I leave this to an architect, but I think it could be done for a 5 years engagement or as a different type of venue. It can be done!  We are talking about a club that is the size of a ball field without the outer seating, there will be no bad seats and drinks will be sold.  What are we talking 200 feet back and 300 feet wide setup in a format of a half a circle?  It would be the largest nightclub in the world.


Frank Paul Gambino

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