The Discovery

To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino
RE: The Discovery

Date: 17 August 2008

Partnerships will take center stage when the Sun moves into your opposite sign on the 22nd, but there are a number of things you can do before then to make sure one-to-one issues run smoothly. Most importantly, don’t take risks with other people’s money.

Not only is it time to get tough but it is time to get serious about what is going on.  I hate to say it but you played right into their hands.  Yes Mr. President the Illuminati have been exposed as well as the bloodline to Satan and it is a conspiracy and you played right into it.

My article the New World Order explains their plan and plots, but in plan language it could be said the founding fathers were not Christians nor was this country built on Christianity, but the bible was tool used to control the masses by people who did not even believe the stuff.

Those people in Israel they are not Jews and you know it, for how could they be Jews and rejected Christ and knew what they were doing or should I say know what they are doing.

They gave King Solomon a bad name as they attempted to rule the world out of Israel through the power of the United States, through an alleged descendent of Solomon.  They gave King David a bad name and the Star of David and hypocrisy?  They are evil and you know it and are in bed with them so what does that make you?

They play good cop and bad cop; I mean the beloved Kennedy Family is a part of the bloodline of Satan?  Are they one of the tribes of the Israel?

Everything is a conspiracy:  Are we in the process of destroying our military?  Is this also a conspiracy and does this makes you guilty of co-conspiracy?  I do not know or want to know about the master plan because it has failed, because then came me and through the power of God they will be crushed or turn from their evil ways, which they are probably incapable of doing.  So what is it going to be Mr. President?  Friend!  Do we clean house?  They know who we are and now we know who they are; this makes it a fair fight!  Right!

Frank Paul Gambino


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