Why the game & USO Decision Request

Why the game & USO Decision Request


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 18 August 2008

A more rational outlook is required over the coming 12 months. Look at each and every situation you get involved with from a purely logical point of view and ask yourself if it is going to be good for you personally. If not, give it a miss.

Your confidence is growing again and with mind planet Mercury aspecting larger-than-life Jupiter today you won’t doubt for a moment that you know better than anyone else. Maybe you do, but try to be humble about it. You don’t want to look big-headed.

What I do not understand is why we played this game called the bible, if we are not to play it to the end.  It was fun when we incarcerated people of color, put the black community to sleep with drugs which was necessary in their state of oppression and inflicted the world with AIDS, as we made the rich people richer and the poor people poorer.  I knew within a week that Israel was responsible for 9/11, I knew that Former President George H.W. Bush was behind the transmissions to his son to frighten him to do the things he did in the recent past and I knew we sold Israel Nuclear duds and had we not New York City would have become ashes.  And yes I was humble and played along, but now that it is their turn to get a taste of their own medicine we should consider what is good for me?


These people hide behind symbols as the plans, plots and schemes to control the masses with diabolical and dastardly deeds.  With them everything is scheme and a conspiracy  and the end game is not Israel conquers the world forever, but that Satan days are up.  Either Satan has to be put to sleep and incarcerated or he must be knocked off, what is the term whacked?  The Illuminati is evil and has to be exposed and stopped.  We have the manpower to whack them all in one day and rid the world of the scum  But I am being told that will not be a good thing.  Why?  Because we gave those fools weapons of mass destruction, but I thought it was Saddam?  All of these damn conspiracies!


Aside from that, I plan to make some music in the near future with Janet in mind, I am looking towards the future recordings.  So what is it going to be with the USO Rock Wit Chu tour?  My offer is on the table!  I understand the other branches of the military have a problem with all the shows being held at Army Posts.  The way I see it you all have 10 days and can use them as you please, but no more that one show a day and no more that a total of 7 shows in 10 days, if you all want some on Naval and Air Bases so be it, hell the air force is the main point of logistics  I want a response in a reasonable amount of time.


Frank Paul Gambino

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