Do you think Janet Jackson is a nice person?

Do you think Janet Jackson is a nice person?


If you are a Janet fan or not can you please participate in the survey.  It is for management purposes and damage control, and your participation will be greatly valued. 


As you know as of lately Janet Jackson was really been put through it with bad publicity. The springboard to her negative publicity was the Super Bowl Fiasco.  Sadly but it is a good thing, the FCC found that she did nothing wrong in that what happened was actually too fast for a person’s eyes to adjust.  It was high technology that exposed her to the public.


I do not know if you know it or not yet, but Janet is married to me Frank Paul Gambino, the marriage was arranged when she was very young, partly to give me something to look forward to as I carried out an important mission that is beyond the scope of this survey.


Janet is the real mother of Alicia (Keys) and Renee so as you can see she was very young.  Those publicly known relationships she was in were charades.  Throughout her journey of fame were many lonely moments that few people realize.  The bottom line is that Janet did not know who the father of her children was for reasons beyond this article; mind control techniques were used on her.  The bottom line is that I have very powerful mind, which was the nature of my mission and she could not know it was me until now.


Janet gave Alicia up for adoption, but because of her religious convictions and not knowing how she got pregnant she did give birth to this child then.  She got pregnant 5 years later again not knowing the father identity she gave birth to Renee and her older sister raised her. Janet became scorned and I will not go into her personal life any further.  She acted out in her music with sexual explicit lyrics and photos and got used by bad people.


I know this sound unreal, but the question is supposed it is true, because the truth will be revealed.  If this is true is Janet a bad person in your opinion?


Janet is a nice person and you are nuts if this is true


Janet is a bad person and there is not excuse for her behavior

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