Instant results and more gigs

To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: Instant results and more gigs

Date: 19 August 2008


Don’t let anyone rush you today. If you are happy doing a certain task in a certain way at a certain speed then there is no reason why you must change. Let others burn themselves out if they so wish – like the tortoise you’ll get there in the end.


Doing the Blog thing is not hard at all, my problem is getting across to fools, and you should see what interest them.  It is like the only way I will be able to reach these people is through music, the important stuff they ignore and the trivia they eat up.  It is like I might have to formulate informative gossip, sort of like stick something of substance inside a seemingly gossip bullshit.


I was right about Jermaine Dupri he seemed to have overextended himself and I would like to help him, because of what I know it would be appropriate, but he has to let go of Janet otherwise I would be a fool.  I know exactly what he needs to do, to rectify his situation, it is simple, he needs to admit he fucked up and refinance and devise a new budget that is more responsible until he gets things back in order or he might lose it all.  We have banks that can treat him fairly but he is obsessed with my wife.  People call Michael broke but he bought time which is on his side, he is a financial ingenious that has a consumer mentality


I do not want to crawl to my destination but I am only one person wearing 4 hats, maybe 3, in any case I have to constantly change my focus and do it at a high level of efficiency, like this weekend I will go back to the studio and make beats, I have been AWOL from the studio for over 2 weeks so this will not be an easy transition, but I have to do it. Which means going over my tutorial again and again?


Janet has to start posting some of my political stuff on it cannot be all entertainment, we have to entertain and teach as well.  I am not rushing myself, but I am doing the best that I can with the tools and knowledge I have.


Janet just got another gig, if we can close the deal with the USO and add about 5 to 10 gigs that are civilian I will be satisfied, that she has a good start point and if she puts on a good show more gigs will follow and she will but on a show.  So close the USO deal along with Reel Time Theaters guaranteeing us a good number on seats sold as recreation to the troops and dependants and I want Live Nation to add a few more gigs to the schedule, so I can change me focus.


Frank Paul Gambino

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