Fight against AIDS

To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

RE: Fight against AIDS

Date: 2 June 2007

Date: 20 October 2007

Date: 29 August 2008


Urged Congress to renew his program to fight AIDS in poor African countries. He requested $30 billion over five years, nearly twice the amount being spent for the program’s first five years.


Once we come to a settlement and put security in place and I know my family is safe, I will give the United States Government the cure to AIDS, I do not need that money.  AIDS was not my idea I was just a scientist in the development.  What is going on in Africa is undeniable; it is a form of genocide.  Whole nations and tribes are being erased as I write this letter.  The Congress has to renew the spending to eradicate AIDS.


The question that will naturally be asked is the cure to AIDS safe?   I do not believe the condition in Africa can wait for this determination.  People in America are living with HIV and AIDS; in Africa they are dying very fast.  They are in a state of emergency. I think we should try the cure out in Africa first, I know it is going to work, but in the name of medical technology and FDA approval, we can move this along much quicker this way.


I do not believe this will require a lot of research; I believe we already have the cure to AIDS.  All we need is my Key and a settlement.  AIDS eradication you can have as a gift from me to the United States Government, free of charge.  The cost is going to come in hiring doctors and staff to deliver the medications. I think we can eradicate the AIDS from the planet Earth in two years.  I do not want to profit from the cure to AIDS; I want to profit from embryonic stem cell research and the cures to things like cancers and other diseases I have nothing to do with.


I think the United States Government and other nations should come up with $100 Billion to completely rid the world of AIDS.  Why such a high price?  Because pharmaceutical Companies have a lot to lose, if we cure AIDS, so we have to make contracts with them to make this happen. Make sure we get our fair share of the contracts, but not all of it for the sake of harmony. 


Let’s stop the bullshit and release the cure, give me my settlement and let us go forward.  We have a lot of work in front of us, and there is no reason for the continued procrastination.   We will use the $6 Billion per year to prove AIDS is curable and once the determination is made, come up with a total of $100 Billion to eradicate the disease from the planet Earth.


Meanwhile we can work on cancers, Parkinson Disease, Alzheimer’s, Organs Development and so on as well as our National Defense System. Let’s get busy President Bush and your Administration will go down in history as a great Administration instead of a fuck up in Iraq.  Iraq was a mistake; let us not make dealing with me a mistake.  You need to utilize me much more than you are doing and I am offering my services.





Frank Paul Gambino


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