Success from my Station in Life

Success from my Station in Life


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 5 September 2008


It may seem as if you are as far away from success as ever but according to the planets that isn’t so. Once you get over your tendency to see opportunities as obstacles it will be a matter of weeks, if not just days, before you finally make it.

It is important that you enjoy what you do, and if you are not enjoying your current task that’s a good enough reason to do something else. You don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to take a new course. It’s your task and your time and your life after all.

I am content with my daily activities, in my current station in life it is not all bad, I can make ends meet with a surplus.  My job has little stress, my hardest job is when I get home and work for Janet but that is a necessity and it is also fun.  I find myself constantly improvising and or developing new concepts and ideas as I go along.

The communications system is fair I would prefer good, but I make it work out.  I could use more money and if I am not going on tour I want my tickets to the Garden [4] and my keys to the condo, however I prefer to join the tour at some point and there is no better time than when they hit the East Coast back this way.

You knocked me but you do not have that right, I played by the rules all the way to the end, otherwise someone would have been dead for aggravating me constantly.  I do not see opportunities as obstacles; I see false promises as procrastination.  This is not the first time I was told success is around the corner I just adapted to the fact that we are traveling on Interstate 95 and there was a car accident up front and traffic is running slow, but it is a long road.  In other words the problem is you keep putting obstacles in from of me and calling them opportunities.  After a life long journey you cannot change the rules all of a sudden and that is what you are doing.  If I allow that I have to accept that you stole 33 years of my life for no reason whatsoever.

This morning I woke up on the right side of the bed and have little to complain about today, but that may be subjected to change.  So if you want an argument out of me this morning you will be disappointed today.


Frank Paul Gambino


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