My Only enemy is lonesomeness

My Only enemy is lonesomeness


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 8 September 2008


…Enjoy the many good things that are coming your way. Never doubt you deserve them….


…An individual you believed to be an enemy has in fact been your friend all along – you were simply blinded by the fact that the good advice they were offering was not what you wanted to hear. Make it up to them today. Show your appreciation in some way…..

Want to be like me?


Once a man said to him I want to be like you. Frank Paul Gambino responded by saying, “People say they want to be like me, but they never walked in my shoes. Give away all your worldly possessions then move into a homeless shelter, be diagnosed as crazy for knowing the truth, hold on to your belief as everyone thinks bad of you, stop having sex to be faithful to two women who pay you no attention. Then wakeup a Multi-Billionaire and forgive them all, as if none of this happened.” Then he said, “Do you know that they are under the law, had I died they could have remarried, but as long as a man is alive his wives are bound to him. So any adulterous relationships they got into had to be annulled as if they never happen. The man walked away and said, “You are a wise man.” He knew he was talking about his wives in one Church.


The Holy Pardon & My Final Act of Forgiveness:


“I must forgive them all, but just because I forgive them, does not mean the Father will also.  If I forgive those who committed transgressions against me and the Father does also, I may well never forgive Him.”


Meaning:  If a person did wrong by me and confess to it, I will say “I forgive them Father and they should get a pass.”  If I forgive them and they never admitted they did wrong by me, I will say “I forgive them father and father I forgive you.”  I am talking about my men, when I say my father in this case.


Like I said, I forgive Jermaine Dupri, Rene Elizondo and Jack Gordon and whoever else that may have committed transgressions against me.  By forgiving them I become free; I am forgiving them for me.  I can now move on! 



Taking back my space


As you can see it is not for me to make up with anyone, but on the contrary it is the other way around.  I have to once again become a loving being for the mission to be accomplished and no longer fight my own battles. 


Finally a pose a question, is the past reality or something that just happened in the past?  I promised Janet that everything that is a bad memory that hinders her happiness will be like a faded dream and will lose its power over her emotions.  So it be said, the past will be like faded dreams and it will lose its power, it will be surely a new beginning.  Holding grudges will only hinder my happiness and that is space in my heart that will no longer be available to so called enemies.  Satan time is up!


 Frank Paul Gambino




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