Updated Janet’s & Live Nation’s Contract Proposal

Updated Janet’s & Live Nation’s Contract Proposal

All we need lawyers for is to write out these negotiations into a contract.  To do this the four entities have to settle on timing these events.

Janet gets $150 Million in an 11 years deal, which provides for maternal leave in case of pregnancies.  The contract will include 4 CD’s, 4 Movies roles, an 18 months show at a Casino to be named and two world tours.  I do not know the specifics of Madonna and Jay Z’s contracts but this is fair deal and can go under the favorable aspects of our Live Nation relationship and therefore be a Live Nation contract.  Everything is negotiable


Clear Channel Communications:  $20 Million will give up some publishing


You will insure we get radio airplay.  We will give up some of the publishing rights to the albums done on Warner Music Group. We will record song specifically for Clear Channel Communications, given you exclusive rights to the songs if legally possible.


Live Nation: $55 Million for three engagements


You handle tour promotions and productions.  We will spend about 2 years on the road over the 10 year period & 18 months in the Casino working about 3 to 4 days a week.  You cover the expenses for personnel in conjunction with the USO and the Military via approval of the Pentagon.


Paramount Pictures: $40 Million + more Based on Movies performances.


I want three movie roles, each leading a bigger role and the last role will be the making point to a new contract.  We will select our roles and there will be no sex or nude scenes on the big screen.  We want that crime dramas, comedies and superhero type of stuff.



Warner Music Group: $35 Million + more Based on album performances and Record label.


You get 3 SACD’s over 7 years.  We will record the albums out of our home studio that will be provided by you.  We will be able to sign a few artists to her label.   The music will be self produced.





Projected Schedule


World Tour: 2008 -2009 End by June 2009 to include USO Tour


Film first movie summer 2009


First SACD Release late 2009


Film second movie fall 2010


Second SACD Release late 2011


Casino Performance:  2011 – 2013 eighteen months


Film third movie winter 2014


Third SACD Release Early 2015


World Tour: 2015 Summer thru winter


 Film forth movie summer 2016


Forth SACD Release Late 2018


Two Years open to adjustments as needed


SACD Recordings are ongoing


Radio Airplay Ongoing






Frank Paul Gambino




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