Janet Jackson pays Tribute to Native Americans

Janet Pays Tribute to Native Americans


Does Janet Style Mohawk and Mohegan History?


Janet Jackson pays tribute to the Native Americans and style a Mohawk hairdo which is also associated with punk culture.  The Mohawk is said to have been worn by the Mohawk and Mohegan Tribes.  Actually the name Mohawk may be wrong and unsuitable because the Wyandot Tribe may have been the first Native Americans Tribe to wear it, but when the French saw them they thought they were the Mohawk Tribe.


There are not many members of the Wyandot Tribe remaining; there are about 8,000 of them spread throughout Canada-Quebec & Canada-Ontario and in the United States Ohio, Oklahoma, Michigan and Kansas. 


So before we comment on this particular hairdo let us stop and think about whom we are insulting and it is not Janet.  This hairstyle has history that is about a people who were mistreated, murdered and killed without just cause, was it because people found the hairstyle to be not cool?  When we say we do not like the hairstyle, we are saying we do not like Native Americans or accept their culture?  If so think about where you are!  Was Janet also mistreated?  Not to compare!


Just announced LL Cool J and Nelly will perform in California


Just announced by Live Nation Nelly will perform as the opener for Janet’s Rock Wit Chu Concert at San Diego’s Oracle Arena tonight 13 September 2008.  Doors open 6:30pm and the show start at 7:30pm.




7000 Coliseum Way

Oakland, CA 94621



At the Janet Jackson Rock Wit Chu Tour concert date LL Cool J will be a special guest at the Las Angeles Staples Center on 17 September 2008.  Doors open at 7:00 pm and the show start at 8:00pm.




1111 South Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90017




Frank Paul Gambino












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  1. From day one Janet has paid tribute to Native Americans. If you can find some pictures of her on her janet. Tour the outfit she wears at the being is also a tribute to Natives. She also has native within her family.

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