The Issue is to serve and not to judge

The Issue is to serve and not to judge


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 16 September 2008


If you want the next 12 months to be better than the last 12 months there is one thing you must do before anything else: you must clear out all the useless junk you have accumulated over the years. Create a space in your life for true wealth and happiness.

Steer clear of other people’s emotional problems today, especially those where there are two or more people involved in a complicated love tangle. You cannot possibly know who is right, who is wrong, who is good or who is bad, so don’t get involved.

On the physical plane of food, clothing and shelter I had to accept my station in life and be content in it to survive it, and on the physical plane I will hold on to what I accumulated over the years until I get something better to replace it, at which time I will donate what I have to someone in this station of life or less and they will be very grateful.  For my station of life I am not doing badly at all.  In the spiritual sense, I told you I am willing to forgive and let go of my desire to be revengeful provided people admit they trespassed against me.  Must I repeat myself again?

Want to be like me?


Properly said:


Once a man said to him I want to be like you.  Paul responded by saying, “People say they want to be like me, but they never walked in my shoes. Give away all your worldly possessions then move into a homeless shelter, be diagnosed as crazy for knowing the truth, hold on to your belief as everyone thinks bad of you, stop having sex to be faithful a woman who pay you no attention. Then wakeup a Multi-Billionaire and forgive them all, as if none of this happened.” Then he said, “Do you know that she is under the law, had I died she could have remarried, but as long as a man is alive his wife is bound to him. So any adulterous relationships she got into had to be annulled as if they never happen. The man walked away and said, “You are a wise man.” He knew he was talking about his wife in one Church.  You body is the Temple of God!


As for love triangles and complicated situations, I say this and let it be perfectly clear, it is not about who is right and who is wrong or who is bad and who is good, it is about who side you are on.  The scripture says you are either for me or against me and Satan’s kingdom is divided and his time is up.  It is not for my friends and family to even try to judge right or wrong or good or bad, but to serve me and rid me of my enemies by any means necessary.  Do not try to complicate shit when my turn begins!   All bets are on!  It is time to take sides!


Frank Paul Gambino



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