Jermaine Dupri Blind in more than one way

Jermaine Dupri Blind in more than one way


Jermaine Dupri dramas are not for entertainment, they are real and not down to earth.  It was not enough that party crashers had a shoot them up at his party.  And now out of total disrespect of a sister, he faces the man in a Federal lawsuit that can but not necessarily a probability land him up to 5 years in the federal prison system.  Yes, he is a music producer and is famous, but he is famous for what other than the exploitation of other people.  So he may not necessarily have a good standing reference at sentencing and it is highly probable he will lose, the evidence is on record literally (an album) and the charges were accepted by the Georgia Federal District Court.  So you can bet they are based on good law.  The Feds do not waste court time!


But rumor has it Jermaine is blind in one eye due to his laser surgery called Lasik Surgery.  So he just might have a sad story to present to the judge.  Unfortunately they send people on wheelchairs to prison.  I do not know how he plans to bump up my wife Janet, when he might be on his way to prison.  I mean he might be able to make a “Doo Doo Baby,” I do not know if they have a gender (boy or girl).  In all honesty I wish the best for him minus Janet, he cannot have her.  The girl is mine’s!

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