Be clear it is not me being bailed out

Be clear it is not me being bailed out


To: President George W. Bush

From: Frank Paul Gambino

Date: 22 September 2008


There may be times when it seems as if you are profiting from other people’s misfortune but that’s just the way the wheel of fate turns and you must not feel guilty about it. If you do, truly unscrupulous kinds won’t hesitate to profit from your sensitivity.

How serious are you about making your dreams come true? How serious are you about leading the kind of life that brings health, wealth and happiness? Hopefully you are very serious indeed because over the next few weeks opportunities to do that – and more – will abound.

We beat them fair and square, the state of the Bank of America is impeccable so lets get it straight I am not the one profiting from the unfortunate, it is the old money the Illuminati, that is being bailed out again and I mean how many times do we bail them out.  First the S&L bailout, then this bullshit war to create a demand for new weaponry and not this? 

Bank of America just made a $50 Billion purchase to buy Merrill Lynch [the world’s largest retail broker].  What disturbs me is that you keep telling me I can make money I already made, instead of simply paying me owed debts, because nobody wants to pay their debts anymore, and that is your real problem.  Why can’t they simply print $100 billion on the tax payers to liquidate the financial institutions, so it will be business as usual?  And then with a new administration make a well though out decision with an administration that can be held accountable.  President Bush you cannot be held accountable for this bullshit.

Do not even make it seem like I am the blood sucker  because it is them all over again, its nothing but big corporate welfare and where does this end, do we have to buy all of this shit from the government to rescue the American taxpayer?  Now the government is in the bad debt buying business? 

A vote for an $800 billion bailout is a vote for 4 more years of Bush at a minimum, because you will dictate government spending well into the future and the sad thing is what economy is being saved?  Haven’t you noticed times are all fucked up?  Do as you please but do not make it sound as I am the leech

I mean when it comes to me you cannot even take care of the small things, I am still waiting on my 4 concert tickets to the MSG my service connected veterans claim and presidential pardon, but you tell me about great opportunities the real question is how serious are you, because you have not showed me a damn thing yet but a bunch of talk about Gonna, gonna, gonna!  When is going to going to be passed tense?  Spare me the bullshit, you do not care about me, it is all about the Illuminati. You’re so full of shit it makes me sick!


Frank Paul Gambino

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